July 31, 2010

inside my mind

i don't know other people think about me.
i don't know what they say.
and i don't know what will happen.

hey you, what's up?
i really miss you.
just miss you.

July 9, 2010

BarakAllah بارك الله

im just listening this song tonight.
my bedtime song. ahaha!

i really loves this song. eh, eh, it doesn't mean i gatai nak kawen ye. anyway, here i juz wanna dedicate to those who are going to get married. especially WAE, my housemate. ops. why her?hehe.
oh, peaceful night, gotta sleep now.
Selamat malam vs Assalamualaikum :)

p/s: Let's raise our hands and make Do'a

Doa Hendak Tidur

"Ya Allah. Dengan namaMu hamba hidup dan dengan namaMu hamba mati".

July 5, 2010

Damn. just monolog

.Still mental blocking.
when i try to touch my keyboard, and i dont know what i want to write about.
sometimes, my idea just came out when i was in toilet, when i was waiting or when i wasnt in front of my lappy or 'out of coverage'.
never mind
it just a blog
but actually
i should write up something that i know to share with other people.
i thought if we have a blog, we still have responsible to share something good or something new. hoho. something2 la!
apa yang ko tahu lo?

udah-udah le berangan tu!
tesis writing tak siap lagi oii!

p/s: okay. it just some words to throw out my emo. ;p