December 20, 2013

Tahniah Kak Chaied

i'm sorry my dear blog, always NOT the latest update and rarely updated. huhu.


Congratulations to my dearest sister Kak Chaied ! :) Barakallahulakuma. May Allah bless you and your husband..

Thanks to Abe Rizal Hazidi, PHOTOAURA Crew for capturing this awesomeness picture. I really love this. Good Job! hihi (buleh nok tepoh jugok ni, *tapi x tahu bilo..haha)

with sporting and beautiful kak chaied's bff :)

 hihi #candid picture here

so guys, it is recommended to have them (PHOTOAURA's crew) to capture your wedding moment. maybe you guys can look more pictures in their facebook page and also there's a contact number! :-)