June 20, 2010

my beloved dad's day

today, 20th June. it left 20 minutes more. so i can wish before im off to bed. but actually for me, everyday is my dad's day.
happy father's day, ABAH

letak gambar abah ni, hopefully, tomorrow i'll have a strength to continue my lab work early in the morning. i need an inspiration to do that. so, he's mine :D

hmm. miss you dad.. :(



ila@cendawanputih said...

len nye muke abah ko yg ni ngan yg dlm fb..mesti gamba mude2=p

lo said...

hehe. abah aku saje tak letak gmbr mude2 dia lam fb, nant takut kne ngorat ngan kwn2 aku..haha ;p

cendawan putih said...

harharhar...bagusss..anak yg menjage ayahnye..=p