June 13, 2010

Start the Day Right - Don't Skip Breakfast

today. for the first time, i started breakfast at about 6.15 am. wow, early in the morning, i woke up at 4.30 am to watch the football match (england vs usa) but actually it was too late. the game was started at 2.30 am. huhu. but atleast i could watch the last minutes.. hemm, seri 1-1. :(


Back to the topic, breakfast. i always realize that breakfast is important, not just as the first food of the day. A healthier breakfast can provide the best energy that we need.Skipping breakfast is a common strategy for losing weight, but not a smart one ya. so, aku nak diet kena la makan breakfast. ERK. bukan terlalu banyak tapi kenyang tahan lama.


im just taking half-boiled eggs, an apple and radix coffee. then, yogurt and revive after jog. haha! is it the healthy breakfast? i guess so, but i shouldnt take it too much and as long as im full. ok.

*makan untuk sihat, sihat untuk makan. mau kurus.mau kurus. ahah! ;p

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